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HOSHINCHU Air Bonsai Garden, Stroll Around #37


Bonsai(盆栽) is Japanese
art culture using small

This porcelain is called
“energy base”. Made in Arita
town which is known for

“Then, the porcelain is shaped,
Bisque-fired, dried, glazed, and
fired in a kiln.”

“little star” Lava is made by pumice
stone from Sakurajima of Kagoshima.

“little star” Moss is produced in
the Yamagata Prefecture,
northeastern Japan.

The moss used for the “little star”
Moss is processed using special
techniques to ensure it will stay
green without soil.

Remove excess dirt until
the roots will fit into Lava.

The contrast between the
green and winter prepared miniature
bonsai creates natural beauty.

The Air Bonsai was launched on Kickstarter
in January 2016 and received amazing
and overwhelming responses from all over
the world.